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Foto: Emi Takahashi

I photograph the silence.

I have a degree in Social Communication from ESPM-SP (Advertising and Marketing College in Sao Paulo). Photography and paiting have been part of my life since I was 16 years old, but it was during the course of communication that my interest in Visual Arts have grewn even more.


At the end of College, I started the training course in photography, also in ESPM, and started working as a photo assistant, when I began to develop my first projects. After the course, I worked for 4 years in Creation and Marketing and, after that, Design and Animation Video have entered in my life.


Today, I'm a freelancer in graphic design, illustration and animation. In photography, I´m dedicated mainly to personal projects, in addition to some work for theatre, concerts and shows. I also manage and organize workshops and courses of Arts (visual, literature, music) and cultural events in Vacca Madre, an independent cultural space created by me and my partner.



Individual exhibition:

2018, Quando o deserto já não basta, Vacca Madre – São Paulo

2017, Quando o deserto já não basta, Negro Café  – São Paulo

2016, Crônicas de Bicicleta, Hostel Okupe, with Coletivo Troka – São Paulo

2013, Crônicas de Bicicleta, Café Mundo Mundano – São Paulo


Collective exhibition:

2014, Prisão no Espaçotempo – Satyrianas – São Paulo

2011, Ciclocine, in MIS (Museu da Imagem e do Som) – São Paulo

2010, Satyrianas – Satyrianas – São Paulo



2021, A Barca #2, independent periodic

2019, A Barca #1, independent periodic

2015, 2016, 2018, Crap Noir series

2017, Quando o deserto já não basta, book

2012, The Making of PAPA, Lino Hellings – PAPA (Participating Artists Press Agency)

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